This heart’s for you

heart in bark of a tree

He had nothing of his own, but he preferred it that way. With no valuable belongings, Jackson could go wherever the mood took him. That kept him from being obligated to anyone but himself.

Money wasn’t a problem. Jackson would sleep in public parks, find miscellaneous work here and there for food, and if walking didn’t get him where he wanted to go, some Good Samaritan always gave him a ride.

It was wide open roads and even wider skies. It took him a year, but he traveled coast to coast, fulfilling every item on his bucket list. He was never happier.

After his death, the notes began to surface. Small message of compassion and encouragement, tucked into books at small town libraries, rolled and stuffed into park bench slats, carefully folded and left for diners at Mom and Pop cafes.

Jackson’s simple missive of love for our Fellow Man and Mother Nature, for a plebian lifestyle, for a slower pace and appreciative disposition, motivated many in the corporate rat-race to give up their hectic world, for one giving way to peace of mind and heart.

Mysterious hearts began to appear naturally in many of the parks where he stayed on his sojourn, adding credence to his philosophy of a minimalism, and giving back to nature.

Spend some time exploring your natural world, and search for one of Jackson’s notes or one of his many hearts. Love a little more, stress a little less, strive for happiness and let go of all the unnecessary things weighing your life down.

This week’s Studio30 Plus prompt is “… he had nothing of his own… ” from Joe Scott, Mostly Harmless Drivel, “Packrat Red and Cart o’ Sad Crap

7 thoughts on “This heart’s for you

  1. it reminds me of the book that Drew Barrymore wrote about finding hearts in nature and photographing them.
    I like thinking of a life leaving behind so much love. That speaks to me. ❤


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