Clearing skies

It was raining outside. The cold sort of rain that seeps into your bones, and muddles your mind. It wasn’t a warm spring rain that feels like a soft caress, its earthy sweet petrichor lingering on the breeze. This rain was a claw hammer pounding against the house, threatening to shatter windows and doors, and […]

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Those eyes

They say she favors her father’s side of the family. Tall and lanky as a child, all sharp angles and bony elbows, maturing into a big-boned, a thick-hipped, buxom woman. She has their hazel eyes that change color with her mood – mercurial gray, to sunshine blue, to deep, angry emerald. Only, she rarely lets […]

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100 Word Challenge: Madness

Here is a picture of my cat, Issy, being ever so helpful while I was manically interfacing with a digital customer service representative for my medical insurance provider. After an hour I had reached “Critical Mass” and was grateful said customer service rep could neither see, nor hear me. I probably would not have received […]

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marooned boat on a sandy beach

I can’t be sure what woke me, the seagulls or the sun bearing down on my pastry white skin. I could almost smell it charring under the relentless heat. Opening one eye, I could only see a few billowy clouds in a brilliant azure sky. It hurt to turn my head, but I could feel rough […]

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The story is everything

old fort jail

I sit in a dim, windowless room, on a cold metal chair, at a battered wooden table. A fresh, yellow legal pad is laid out in front of me, a pen sits sideways on top. It’s a plain white pen with a blue cap. It’s an appalling shade of blue, nothing I would ever wear. […]

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As the spirits move you

purple man'o'war jellyfish

The story so far… King Rája languished in a hammock lashed between two stanchions buried deep into the sand. Attendants held fans over the royal, shielding him and his wizard from the harsh coastal sun. The necromancer was divining signs in the bloody bones of a sacrificial goat. “The portents are pointing to your reign […]

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