Gordian knot

... a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma...

“You know I love you.”

It is exhausting sometimes to love someone who always needs validation and constant reassurance.

Prove it.”

There was that lost, little boy smile I’m defenseless against. I put down my book in defeat and sighed.

“You mean perform some Herculean feat, or unravel an impossibly tangled Gordian knot?”

“Yeah, like that.”

“How ‘bout I carry the weight of all your worries and fears on my shoulders? Maybe I can pick through your snarled mess of a brain, and resolve once and for all that I am hopelessly and ridiculously in love with you?”

“That’ll do.”

Light and Shade Weekend Challenge. "Prove it."
Light and Shade Weekend Challenge; “Prove it.”

9 thoughts on “Gordian knot

  1. as much as I loved the language and the story of this knot… I cringed too, because that kind of proof is exhausting. I tried, once, to prove it and was left breathless and heartbroken anyway.

    “There was that lost, little boy smile I’m defenseless against”- I loved this, so telling and you can see them.


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