Morning companion

sunrise over the bay

The air was still, a hush so profound I could hear the whoosh of my heart beating. A shimmer of gold spread over the surface of the bay as the sun slowly rose above the tree line on the opposite shore.

I sat atop the seawall, gently blowing on my hot tea, waiting for the day to begin.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her. An elegant aviatrix, flying low, trailing a wingtip in the golden sea. I watched as she skimmed the water, never lifting that wing, never making a sound. It was as if she knew I was there and didn’t want to disturb my meditation.

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Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme was to, “share a picture that has a little something extra

7 thoughts on “Morning companion

  1. I absolutely love the image of the morning wind blowing on your tea. It calmed me immediately. What a gorgeous image you set.


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