In full bloom

red anise flowers

For the past several weeks, a close friend has been joining me on my morning jaunts. We power walk for about an hour and a half, burning up the sidewalks around my neighborhood.

During those 90 minutes, we talk about our lives, our kids, and our relationships. We vent to each other about various vexations and rant about general injustices.

We’ve been friends many years, and we’ve helped each other through some serious heartaches. We’ve had some tearful discussions lately, all while meandering at top speed along well-manicured lawns.

Today, after lamenting about our first-world problems, we had to admit… through it all, at our lowest lows, at our worst moments… we, our loved ones included, all still survived.

After all the bad times, there was always that light at the end of a dark tunnel. We made it through, and are better for what we endured.

My friend and I came to the same conclusion… we had it pretty good. That there were so many other families who have gone through some of the same things we had, but didn’t make it through those trials whole.

Nothing is perfect, but we are powering through and still going strong.

Write on Edge
Inspired by Rumi, “Why should I be unhappy? Every parcel of my being is in full bloom..”

9 thoughts on “In full bloom

  1. I feel I’m one of those who couldn’t make it, although I still don’t know exactly what is the best outcome I might expect. I’m happy for you to have such a good friend. ❤


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