In full bloom

red anise flowers

For the past several weeks, a close friend has been joining me on my morning jaunts. We power walk for about an hour and a half, burning up the sidewalks around my neighborhood. During those 90 minutes, we talk about our lives, our kids, and our relationships. We vent to each other about various vexations […]

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Bees’ song

bee hives

The easiest route to the hives is down the old access road, but I prefer to hike in from the pine grove. The distance is the same, but wending through the towering cedar boles and shadows is cooler. Already at its zenith, the summer sun is beating down on the field. The air, thick with […]

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The evening is looking up

inside cupola

“You disappoint me,” she said. Folding her napkin, she laid it beside her plate, then looked around the table. “You didn’t just feed me to the sharks, you chummed the waters.” He watched her rise, but didn’t refute to her accusation. She was right. He invited her out to dinner with his friends, knowing they […]

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On the right path

Sand dollar

Agatha remained huddled beneath the rugs with Duncan, afraid to even breathe. Straining to hear whether the guard had companions, Agatha dared to lift a corner to look out into the open tent. Duncan stayed her hand, laying a finger against his lips. He scooted backward away from her, slowly uncovering his head. Looking around […]

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A new road

deserted wooden pier

Activity around the castle was frantic, like a hive of demented bees. Preparations were well underway to move court to the coast. Ostensibly, it was a covert reconnoitre of the region with an end goal to annex the fertile coastline. The truth was his Mage felt moving King Ráfa away from public scrutiny would help […]

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Worry stone

black and white river rocks

She left her shoes at the edge of the rushing water. It was easier to feel her way across the wet stones when she was bare-footed. The swirling cold of the rapids tickled her skin where she lifted her skirt above her knees. Slowly making her way to the far bank, Raeanne caught the glint […]

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