Bees’ song

bee hives

The easiest route to the hives is down the old access road, but I prefer to hike in from the pine grove. The distance is the same, but wending through the towering cedar boles and shadows is cooler.

Already at its zenith, the summer sun is beating down on the field. The air, thick with dust, is hot and sticky. No bees will be out in this heat. As I reach the colony, I can feel the thrumming of the bees’ as much as I can hear it.

My blood, as viscous as the amber nectar stewing in the combs, seeps slowly through my veins, pulling me down to the earth, closer to Her heartbeat. At the edge of the copse, under the meager pine shade, I stand still, letting my labored breathing calm.

I am getting too old for this work, and I worry what will become of my hives. The enveloping warmth, and the hum of bees’ song, makes me drowsy. I long to lie down in the cool, tall grass, and to finally sleep in peace and quiet.

Write on Edge
Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche, “ What is happening to me happens to all fruits that grow ripe. It is the honey in my veins that makes my blood thicker, and my soul quieter .”

7 thoughts on “Bees’ song

  1. There’s a sweet sadness to this story and yet, it is peaceful. Through your sensory words, you created a summer scene and I felt part of it. When I reached the end, I took a deep breath and sighed. That’s how I knew I had absorbed this story and felt part of it. That’s good story telling in my book:~)


  2. The thrum of the hives, all together, would be an awe inspiring experience. I could imagine the scene in my head from your description.


  3. Sadness but poignancy too. I like the self-awareness.

    Despite being stung many times by many different bees, I have a fascination in them.


  4. This is so peacefully sad. You have caught a slow, warm summer day in a very peaceful way but it is a slow, sad day as what will happen to the bees? Lovely piece Lyssa M x


  5. That reminds me of my childhood when I went to visit my grandparents on the farm. How are the bees doing? Is there still a problem with them dying out? I prefer the honey when it crystallizes. It is hard to find it that way except at an ethnic stores.


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