Alone in the dark

crushed cigar pack

He stayed hidden in the shadows, the glowing tip of his blunt his only giveaway. She told him tonight wasn’t good. She felt the beginnings of a migraine coming on.

Taking a long drag on his packed Remington, he watched her stroll down the sidewalk arm-in-arm with that preppy guy from her office. He tossed the spent butt on the ground, crushing it under his heel.

He pulled his coat collar up, and his hat brim down, obscuring his face, then stepped out of the dark.

This would be the last time she made him wait for her.

This week’s challenge is inspired by Lonely Boy,” by The Black Keys

8 thoughts on “Alone in the dark

  1. I love how you flipped “lonely”. That first line is so good, it would be a fantastic novel opener.

    Great 100,. Thanks for picking


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