All the time in the world

A hint of pink rises in her cheeks Her eyes crinkle with laughter Like little birds, her hands flutter Her heart beats faster She tries to turn away His warmth pulls her in Sparks fly from their fingertips Sending arcs of fire between them Beneath swaying Spanish Moss A soft breeze stirs the sultry air […]

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Hazards and pitfalls

A question lies between us still. I am helpless to understand the words That from your hungry lips spill. We played the role of cowards And I shied away from love unrequited, hazards and pitfalls made you tremble, heart broken and shattered beneath the heel of bastards. Crippled and lost, hope did depart. Never could […]

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Lily pond

Charlotte would be happy to see the lilies blooming. White was always her favorite color for flowers. She would say they were the purist form of beauty. Rising from the earth, or the depths of black waters, their ivory petals unfolded unblemished and unsullied. She would see them as a sign that her sinful ways […]

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Vanished hope

Ferris wheel

The gaudily painted gondolas stopped at the Ferris wheel’s apex. From this vantage point, he could see the Fair tents and other carnival rides spreading out across the normally vacant hayfield. He rode in the only purple car, choosing it because it was her favorite color. A tiny, blue velvet jewelry box was cradled in […]

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Indulge me

sunset and seagull

Indulge me Tell me that you love me Even if it’s a lie Hold me Tell me you’ll never leave Even while you’re walking out the door Kiss me Whisper sweet words in my ear Even if it’s her name you breathe Dance with me Close in your warm embrace Even if I’m not the […]

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Love you like a brother

distressed wooden mannequin legs

The story so far… Old Wives’ Tale “Show me.” That was the only thing Mason said when Casper told him about what he and his crew found in the old house. As he strode up the back porch steps, letting the kitchen screen door slam shut behind him, I took Casper by the arm. “What […]

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