Hazards and pitfalls


A question lies between us still.
I am helpless to understand the words
That from your hungry lips spill.
We played the role of cowards
And I shied away from love unrequited, hazards
and pitfalls made you tremble, heart
broken and shattered beneath the heel of bastards.
Crippled and lost, hope did depart.

Never could the reality of love fulfill
The ideal of what moves us forwards.
Penning saccharine sonnets with a barbed quill,
Spinning us in an aberrant dance, seeking rewards
That do not exist – Graveyards
Are filled with souls who did not impart
the truth, but spoke only damaged words,
Crippled and lost – hope did depart.

Hard as we fight, against our will
Love creeps in – smart
minds fail when the body seeks a thrill.
Crippled and lost, hope did depart.

This week’s Studio30 Plus: “Unrequited” and/or “Spurned”
Inspiration: Trembled Hearts

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