Out walking

speed limit sign

I walk everywhere, and I walk fast. It’s like I’m always in a hurry. If I walk at breakneck speed, my brain moves at hyper speed. Sometimes that gets me in trouble, other times that speed sparks my imagination.

Most of my best stories come to me when I’m out for a walk or hiking in the woods. It is then – mostly – that I carry on these wonderful conversations with myself, working out plot details and dialogue.

If I have a writing task on my to-do list, I’m mulling that around in my head as I leave the house. With my ball cap firmly on my head, my power sneakers laced on, earbuds tucked in, and my playlist cranked to 11, I begin tossing ideas around.

The voice-to-text function on my smartphone has helped me keep those ideas from passing completely through my brain and has kept out of traffic on many occasions. How many times have we had a great thought, and told ourselves, “I don’t have to write that down, I’ll remember it.”

Story ideas are fleeting and precious. Do everything you can to keep up with them.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The word for this week is:


The response to the last prompt was incredible. We had nearly 30 wordsters linking up with the Challenge. Many old friends stopped by, and a few newcomers added their stories. “Thank you” to everyone who joined in the fun.

And the stories! We had poetry, mystery, thrillers, humor, political, fantasy, romance, memoirs… you all are amazing writers.

I was also pleased to see how much everyone was supporting each other, leaving comments and encouragement on posts and Facebook promotions. That’s what a great communities does.

Thank you all again. I’m looking forward to reading what you send me this week.

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12 thoughts on “Out walking

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  2. The funny thing is … your photo is relevant to my post for “Idea”. Who knew? Whereas your ideas come to you while walking, mine come to me after I set a mood by listening to music. I guess it’s a matter of which tool works best for the individual writer.

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    1. I’ve missed 100 word challenge so I’m definitely going to get involved again. And walking – great place to reconnect with the muse and I’m going to check out voice to text on my iPhone thanks

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