Alone in the dark

crushed cigar pack

He stayed hidden in the shadows, the glowing tip of his blunt his only giveaway. She told him tonight wasn’t good. She felt the beginnings of a migraine coming on. Taking a long drag on his packed Remington, he watched her stroll down the sidewalk arm-in-arm with that preppy guy from her office. He tossed […]

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Stone soul

As elusive as his stone soul, I could not fathom his need of me. With his regal bearing, and chiseled features that caused other women to swoon, his choice of betrothed was fodder for rumor and speculation among the court. I was not considered any great beauty. My skills in kitchen arts and healing gift […]

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A new day dawning

Just as the morning sun set the sky ablaze, he would kindle a spark in her heart. She’d melt at the sight of the sunrise, he knew she would. She’d fall in love with him as easily as he fell for her. She’d see he did everything for her, for them. She’d understand the extremes […]

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