Into that good night


Last Sunday night, after returning from a week-long trip to visit the grans at Thanksgiving, we were happily welcomed home by our pets – dogs, Hershey and Asta, and our little manx calico, Pollo.

While I unpacked, Pollo paced up and down the hallway. At one point I thought she had brought me one of her toys. This was her habit, a token of her affection, she’d treat it like she was bringing me food – meowing loudly to let me know dinner was ready.

That night her cries sounded different. I found her lying outside my bedroom door, unable to rise. She coughed a couple of times… then suddenly gasped and expired. She hadn’t been ill, and after a call to our pet sitter who was tending the fur kids, she hadn’t been acting unusually. We can only guess that her little feline heart simply gave out.

My husband took her to the emergency veterinarian hospital, but there was nothing we could do. A necropsy seemed futile, and wouldn’t change anything.

We buried her beneath the jasmine at the front of our house, where she can still  watch over her boy… our son.

Rest in peace, dear friend…


She was the queen of her domain, ruling with a velvet paw. Stern with her subjects, she also had a loving touch, gracing her favorites with her time and attention.

Holding court from her window throne, bathed in warm sunlight, she made her decrees and declarations. A beloved monarch destined for history.

This week’s Studio30 Plus prompt is “Pine,” and/or “Queen
Submitted to Skywatch Friday

26 thoughts on “Into that good night

  1. I am so sorry for the loss, for the heartache, for your and your son’s grief.
    I haven’t had a pet die yet (and as much as Fenton drives me bananas I see him getting older and slower and I know that I will be a hot mess when he decides to leave us) but I did have a parent die suddenly and without warning..and so I know how something like that, something that comes out of the blue can tear your heart and home apart. Life is so fragile, in every form, and I am so sorry.

    hugs my friend.


    1. We’ve had too many dear pets pass away lately, but this one was truly unexpected and especially hard to reconcile

      My parents and in-laws are none in the best of health, but I know when their time comes, knowing their passing is coming won’t make it any easier. I am so sorry for the loss of your dad. I cannot imagine your pain. `


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