Belly up to the bar

Raindrop, morning dew Sweet nectar thick as midnight First round’s on the house

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A puddle of sunlight

sleeping grey tabby cat

His seemingly boneless body melted into a puddle of sunlight flooding through the French doors, his soft purring the only proof of life. A morning of intense parkour – ranging along the couch back, hopping to the desk top, skipping across towering bookshelves, to defying gravity arcing vertical walls – exhausted him. Conservation of movement […]

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Spare tire

Held snug against the earth by brawny roots, the discarded spare stayed lost among the underbrush, forever abandoned to time and harsh elements. A rustling in the trees gave him hope that he would be rescued from his exile. Two young humans! One tried to pull him out of his trap. “Hey, lookit, food,” the skinny […]

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top hats

In his vainglorious hubris, he believed he could suspend the rising of the sun, draw rein on the ebbing tides, and command tempestuous weather like a ringmaster. Merely a man, lost in his own charade, he came to believe his own hyperbole. When at last his fall came, the descent was bloody and cruel. Those […]

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Warhol 57

warhol ketchup

Campbell soup update Warhol’s new fifty-seven Tomato ketchup

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A view of heaven

wooden gate

Goodwood Duxford tales… Papers and open books were scattered across the oak library table. Battered from years of lovers carving their initials in the surface, school kids stabbing it with frustrated pencils and pens, and boot heels scraping off varnish during long naps, its patina was still rich and deep. Goodwood Duxford and Frankie Harp […]

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