Spare tire


Held snug against the earth by brawny roots, the discarded spare stayed lost among the underbrush, forever abandoned to time and harsh elements.

A rustling in the trees gave him hope that he would be rescued from his exile. Two young humans! One tried to pull him out of his trap.

“Hey, lookit, food,” the skinny one said. “This is technically edible, right?”

“Not even maybe, it’s a tire,” the tall one said

“Man, I am so hungry,” said Skinny.

“You’re so lame,” said Tall. “We’ve only been out here ten minutes. You act like you haven’t eaten in forever.”

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Inspiration: Technically edible

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Inspiration: Spare

  1. I don’t know, with a little sriracha maybe…

    An amusing little ditty. They’d probably have more luck chewing some bark. 😉

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    1. Sriracha makes everything taste better.



  2. Some hungry humans. I liked how the word seamlessly blended in story.

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  3. haha my cooking usually tastes like a spare tyre 🙂

    Hope they don’t eat it .


    Ally 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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