It’s a passing phase

carnival ride

It’s just another nostalgic, teenage craze, Mother. No need for you to worry. I even dabbled a little at her age. If she was jumping off bridges because all her friends were, would you still be so patronizing? She’s in no physical danger, you’re getting hysterical over nothing, Just let it run its course. Next […]

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Spare tire

Held snug against the earth by brawny roots, the discarded spare stayed lost among the underbrush, forever abandoned to time and harsh elements. A rustling in the trees gave him hope that he would be rescued from his exile. Two young humans! One tried to pull him out of his trap. “Hey, lookit, food,” the skinny […]

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A job well-done

child grave site with toys

“A very dramatic rescue this morning, Bercu.” Minkin Bercu, a Level 5 Guardian Angel, licked creamy icing off his fingers as he popped the final bite of a grande Cinnabon roll into his mouth. He nodded at his co-workers, smiling around the gooey brioche. “Too bad you couldn’t save everyone.” A group of lower angels […]

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Holiday tradition

bunny pajamas

“It’s tradition.” “I know.” This was an overdue talk, but one I still didn’t want to have. “All I’m saying is maybe you could change it up a bit.” “Your grandmother passed it to me, and her mother passed it to her.” My mother refused to look at me, instead she focused on folding the […]

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Kissing etiquette

high school pedestrian bridge

Geeky Girl and the Cute Jock, a curious couple in a circus of cliques and coterie. Teenage love, first kiss, and high school angst all rolled into one messy, slobbery, crusty meeting of lips. Awkward, yet sweet. Rub in it, or wipe it off, that’s the first question. The second, will there be another, less […]

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Raising teens

There are three encouragements to surviving raising teenagers. The first is IT gets better. The second is it GETS better. And the third is it gets BETTER.

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