top hats

In his vainglorious hubris, he believed he could suspend the rising of the sun, draw rein on the ebbing tides, and command tempestuous weather like a ringmaster. Merely a man, lost in his own charade, he came to believe his own hyperbole.

When at last his fall came, the descent was bloody and cruel. Those riding the coattails of his splendor weren’t there to slow his plummet. They were there to scoff, to jeer at his collapse. They denied past obsequence, conjuring feeble excuses for their sycophancy.

Brushing his carcass aside, the mercurial masses went in search of another savior.

This week’s Studio30 Plus: “Vainglorious” and/or “Smug”

  1. Brilliant! Obsequious is one of my very favoritest words, and your story was perfect!

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  2. Excellent. Lots going in in so few words. NIce.

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  3. Oh wow, amazing!! I love the word choices ( I had to look some up!!)! That’s what happens when your ego grows too large. I’ve seen this happen with bloggers, too!! 🙂 XOXO

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