She’s a freak

mermaid street art

Sarcasm and taunting is a reality in my family. While it’s all done in fun, and with love, sometimes it’s a bit disconcerting to outsiders.

When my daughter was elementary school age, I was the typical homeroom mom. A regular visitor at her school, teachers and admins knew me, and her classmates recognized me.

Even though our parent/child relationship was obvious, due to a fear of “mommy-embarrassing-me” possibilities, I did attempt to keep our conversations outside her classroom to a minimum.

I wasn’t always successful.

During a Spring book fair at her school when my daughter was about 10, I was perusing the books with her and one of her friends. For some reason, we fell into our usual sniping and mockery. After making her selection, and me paying for her purchase – and here is where my memory is sketchy – I said something snarky to her, and she replied with a “your mom is…” Without missing a beat, I responded with an emphatic, “your mom’s a FREAK!”

The hilarity of that was instantaneous and we both dissolved into hysterics. I was literally crying I was laughing so hard.

My daughter’s friend was speechless, totally horrified that I just called myself a freak. This made us laugh that much harder.

My daughter is now almost 24, and we still laugh about this. And, I still tell her that her mom is a freak.

The Trifecta challenge this week is: Freak [noun \ˈfrēk\] 3: one that is markedly unusual or abnormal: as a) a person or animal having a physical oddity and appearing in a circus sideshow