Five boxes

The sum total of one man’s days Culled into five identical cardboard boxes An eclectic collection of Sharpie-scented paradoxes Labeled with dates and “fragile” written slantways Sepia photos of teenage lovers in a shiny halcyon haze Rusty skeleton keys without maps to the treasure each unlocks The sum total of one man’s days Culled into … Continue reading Five boxes


“Your future self is watching you right now through your memories.” ~ Aubrey de Grey “You see it too, dontcha?” Miriam raced from person to person in the hospital day room, holding up a used lunch napkins by its top two corners. “It’s right there,” she said, shaking the paper square with righteous indignation if … Continue reading Foreshadowing

Rest stop

The day was grey and lifeless. Few other cars or trucks shared the road with Bobby. His usual route took him through small towns and farming communities, down abandoned rural highways that paralleled the new Interstate. Once popular truck stops, decaying diners and gas stations were now repurposed thrift stores and church-bazaar home decor outlets. … Continue reading Rest stop