Rest stop

The day was grey and lifeless. Few other cars or trucks shared the road with Bobby. His usual route took him through small towns and farming communities, down abandoned rural highways that paralleled the new Interstate. Once popular truck stops, decaying diners and gas stations were now repurposed thrift stores and church-bazaar home decor outlets. […]

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Make the most of your regrets


“Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh.” ~ Henry David Thoreau During the day, I say, “no regrets, my mistakes helped make me who I am.” Then, at night, I […]

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American dream

colorful kite in deep blue sky

“The sky was deep blue. A blue that hurt to look directly into, a blue that threatened to swallow you whole.” So began Isabel’s tale.” Wrapped in a light woolen blanket, she sat on a high hill, beneath a tall oak watching her great-grandsons flying their kite. Their shouts and laughter lifting the rainbow triangle […]

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A grievous reality

abandoned block building

A crowd gathered outside of the chancellery waiting for news about the stranger found unconscious inside an abandoned building in the woods at the edge of town. Visitors to Shambles were a grievous rarity, a remedy to tragedy. Strangers only appeared when a villager died out of sequence and new stock was needed. This man’s […]

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Root cellar

rusted metal latch on a wooden door

The root cellar’s ambient temperature is a crisp 32-degrees. Five-tiered shelves line three walls, and are full of varying sizes of Mason jars. Carefully arranged in a way only Journey understands, each vessel holds a different memory. A gatherer, Journey gleaned her collection from a lifetime of searching dusty thrift shops and back road estate […]

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Caught on paper

Life’s fleeting moments Caught on yellowing paper Vignettes of the past

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