Where you belong

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hammock by the water

I had to leave. When the world became too small for us both to exist in, I knew it was time.

You asked for space to think in, to find out who you were and where you belonged. I already knew. You belonged with me, and I belonged with you.

That space was suffocating me. The emptiness without you crushed the life out of me. Not seeing you, not talking with you, not tasting you, was like being drained of my humanity.

I survive far away from people now, on my own. Existing only to sleep and dream of you.

Inspired by “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers


  1. I wasn’t going to reply because this touched me in a weak, sore spot. But I couldn’t leave without telling you that your words just haunt me sometimes. You write, I read and then I think the afternoon away.

    thank you for sharing your words with us.


  2. My favorite line: “That space was suffocating me.” This seems sarcastic and cutting but it’s testimonial to how the LACK of good communication can hurt. well done.


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