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You are my sunshine

sunset at marina

You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You’ll never know dear
How much I love you
Please, don’t take
My sunshine

I was never “That Mom,” the one who had an extensive playlist of lullabies to sing to my babies. When my daughter was a newborn, the only kid’s song I could remember all the words to was the ABCs.

When she went to pre-school, whenever her class worked on the alphabet, she’d doze off. Her teacher worried that she wasn’t getting adequate sleep at home. Once we figured out the problem, I didn’t know whether to laugh (which I did, to the point of snorting) or feel guilty for having such a lame grasp of sleep inducing songs (which I did.)

My son was born four years later.  You’d think I would’ve put the time to good use and learn some more songs. Nope… I sang this little ditty, or “Away in the Manger.”

At least, I learned my lesson (see what I did there? ABCs… school… lessons?) and didn’t interfere with my son’s education… but I may have given him a God-complex.

Submitted to Skywatch Friday, Season 6: Episode 42

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    • HA! Do you remember the Shari Lewis show? “This is the Song That Never Ends”? My kids would sing that one until I thought my ears would bleed. Probably in retaliation for endlessly singing the ABCs.


  1. From the night they did our embryo transfer to Last night , we sang (and continue to do it) this song to those embryos that became Gio and Jacob. I have about 4 framed pictures of sunshines with “You are my sunshine” all over our house. It’s a really special song to us.

    I find myself humming Jingle Bells all year long as if it’s always Christmas and Jacob does that too know , when he is isn’t humming the instrumentals to Harry Potter.

    Like you lullabies weren’t a big draw for me ( I do know and sing on command one lullaby about kittens that my great grandmother used to sing in Polish to us, Gio loves it and asks for it often. )


  2. I didn’t know many lullabies either and would sing to them whatever I happened to be reading at the time in whatever tune came to mind. I’m sure I’ve ruined whatever music appreciation they might have developed. Sigh…
    Your piece is hysterical. I can just see your daughter nodding off in school during alphabet time. Thanks for sharing.


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