In his shoes


If I could walk in your shoes for a day, what would the voices say to me, what would the faces look like? Could I survive your reality or would I go mad?

Prompt #7: Share a favorite holiday recipe
Prompt #13: tell about whose shoes you’d like to walk in for a day.
The Trifextra Weekend challenge: exactly 33 words written in first person narrative.

*Since his pre-teens, my son has struggled with a myriad of mental health issues. Diagnosed at age 12 with severe panic/anxiety disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, he also has bouts of depression, and times when he experiences auditory and visual hallucinations. As much as I try to be empathetic, I can’t totally grasp what he’s going through. Some days, I’ve wished I could be inside his head, to experience what he does, so that I could understand and perhaps be better equipped to help him. Yet, being witness to his episodes of panic and depression, I don’t think I could survive them with as much strength and courage as he does.

26 thoughts on “In his shoes

  1. Coming by from the linkup. My son is 20 and a new daddy. He is bipolar, OCD, generalized as well as socialized anxiety disorder and ADHD. I have a friend whose daughter sounds like your son only add Aspbergers to her list. Having watched both my son and her daughter grow up I often wish I could take one bad moment away. One hurt, one rage, one moment of sadness. For them to have one day of level. Just one day.


  2. I think every parent feels this need on some level. And I can only the imagine the intensity of your need. Great interpretation on this prompt, Tara. Very touching.

    Thanks for linking up.


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