Like a brick

I knew she was going to do it, but still stepped into her round kick to my head. I thought I could block it, instead I hit the mat hard, to be attended to by Disney-esque bluebirds. I didn’t win the match, but I did get up and finish it, even scored a head shot […]

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Cold feet

wool socks

In the Land of Perpetual Summer, football weather means flip-flops and tank tops. Where pumpkin spice lattes are served over ice with paper tiki hut umbrellas and barbecues are fired up year ‘round, autumn comes late. There is no Technicolor foliage transformation to mark the change of seasons. Fall arrives when the wool socks come […]

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Extraordinary birthdays

There are few extraordinary birthdays – when adding a digit to your age in childhood (often a once in a lifetime occurrence); when transitioning from teen into adulthood; and when reaching that half-century mark. I spent my 50th birthday with my firstborn, frolicking in rainbow dust and liquid sunshine, and jumping in kaleidoscope puddles of […]

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Kissing etiquette

high school pedestrian bridge

Geeky Girl and the Cute Jock, a curious couple in a circus of cliques and coterie. Teenage love, first kiss, and high school angst all rolled into one messy, slobbery, crusty meeting of lips. Awkward, yet sweet. Rub in it, or wipe it off, that’s the first question. The second, will there be another, less […]

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Your face will freeze that way

I have one of those faces, one of those “she-should-smile-more” faces. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked if I’m angry, when I don’t realize that I’ve been frowning. Some of it is my extreme myopic eyesight. Squinting is a necessary by-product. Some of it is that I’m constantly thinking some deep philosophical […]

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Long may she wave

I take my freedoms for granted and complain when things aren’t easy or free. But I have a warm home to live in, cabinets full of food, books and music to enjoy. I can walk down my street in peace, rant about my government without fear, rail against an unjust world, and sleep with my […]

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