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Extraordinary birthdays

Color me rad

There are few extraordinary birthdays – when adding a digit to your age in childhood (often a once in a lifetime occurrence); when transitioning from teen into adulthood; and when reaching that half-century mark.

I spent my 50th birthday with my firstborn, frolicking in rainbow dust and liquid sunshine, and jumping in kaleidoscope puddles of joyful laughter.

Prompt #7: Share a favorite holiday recipe
Prompt #25: Share a memorable birthday in your life

*My 51st is coming around soon. I don’t know how I’ll top last year, but it will be fun trying.

15 thoughts on “Extraordinary birthdays Leave a comment

  1. That picture of you is so great. But your words are the perfect description of this run. We just did the Color Run and had a blast! 🙂 Glad you got to do it with your baby!


  2. that smile on your face is worth A GAZILLION words (not just a 1000) because I remember how happy, proud and ALIVE you felt that day. Your 50’s look GREAT on you!


  3. Great picture, Tara! Mel and her fam have done this one, too. Guess I need to get off my fat ass and try it some day. Is there much running involved? 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with us. Always great to have you along.


  4. My daughter asked me to sign up for a color run with her this summer. After reading about how much fun you had, I was really excited. Unfortunately, there were no more openings for us. This run is obviously a big hit! We’re determined to sign up early next year.


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