Extraordinary birthdays

Color me rad

There are few extraordinary birthdays – when adding a digit to your age in childhood (often a once in a lifetime occurrence); when transitioning from teen into adulthood; and when reaching that half-century mark.

I spent my 50th birthday with my firstborn, frolicking in rainbow dust and liquid sunshine, and jumping in kaleidoscope puddles of joyful laughter.

Prompt #7: Share a favorite holiday recipe
Prompt #25: Share a memorable birthday in your life

*My 51st is coming around soon. I don’t know how I’ll top last year, but it will be fun trying.

15 thoughts on “Extraordinary birthdays

  1. That picture of you is so great. But your words are the perfect description of this run. We just did the Color Run and had a blast! 🙂 Glad you got to do it with your baby!


  2. that smile on your face is worth A GAZILLION words (not just a 1000) because I remember how happy, proud and ALIVE you felt that day. Your 50’s look GREAT on you!


  3. Great picture, Tara! Mel and her fam have done this one, too. Guess I need to get off my fat ass and try it some day. Is there much running involved? 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with us. Always great to have you along.


  4. My daughter asked me to sign up for a color run with her this summer. After reading about how much fun you had, I was really excited. Unfortunately, there were no more openings for us. This run is obviously a big hit! We’re determined to sign up early next year.


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