Breaking the rules

death wish skateboards

“So which one did you decide on?”

“The redhead.”

“Why that one? It’s hideous.”

“I liked it, I think it made the boldest statement.”

“I still don’t understand why someone your age needs a skateboard.”

“It’s not merely a skateboard, it’s part of my New Year’s resolution.”

“What’s that? To break every bone in your calcified body?”

“No, to break every behavior rule society demands for someone my age, to live my life how I want to, regardless of what anyone thinks.”

“That’s a nice speech. Just make sure you have a helmet and that your life insurance is current.”

Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge
The 100 Word Challenge writing prompt this week is: Redhead
This week’s Studio30 Plus theme is: “Resolution and/or Blow it”

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