Five boxes

The sum total of one man’s days Culled into five identical cardboard boxes An eclectic collection of Sharpie-scented paradoxes Labeled with dates and “fragile” written slantways Sepia photos of teenage lovers in a shiny halcyon haze Rusty skeleton keys without maps to the treasure each unlocks The sum total of one man’s days Culled into […]

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100 Word Challenge: Tall tale

biltmore grotesque

So… Earlier this week, two days before my birthday, I find out that instead of the MRI I thought my orthopedist would order for my wonky knee, I’m actually now waiting for a scheduling nurse to call to set up full knee-replacement surgery sometime in the next few weeks. I get a brand new knee […]

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All that jazz

She looked uncomfortable. The pillows stacked under her head and not her body put her at an odd angle but she was high enough to see her television. Her family gathered around her bed watching an old black and white movie featuring her when she was a young dancer during the Harlem Renaissance. At age […]

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Crow’s feet

Creases so dark and deep upon his face They could have been painted on with India ink. He saw more with his one blind eye than Any mortal should suffer. Every twisted line, every crescent scar, a chapter in his long life. A story so wondrous, so grotesque Only God could write it.

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Summer fun

pink, flowery galoshes

You’re never too old For pastel pink galoshes And puddle jumping

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It’s all an act

high wires

Let’s pretend we’re sixteen again, guileless and naive. Our lives a blank page waiting for our stories to be written. Back to when we thought our grand expectations were heroic, back to when our visions of changing the world were all within our grasp. Let’s pretend we go back to before we were cynics and […]

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