Fading from view

foggy beach with people

She is quite ordinary. A middle-aged, work-from-home mother of two adult children, married to her college sweetheart, living in a small rancher in small-town America, with a cat and a dog, and more debt than can be paid off in her lifetime. She spends her days puttering around an empty home, dusting the same bookcase […]

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Dry and faded

dandelion fluff

The room was quiet save for the rhythmic ticking of a metronome. A tawny calico dozed across the closed fall board of the piano, its tail in a synchronized dance with the pendulum. Glimmering dust motes played in the sunlight streaming through the oriel windows. Cora carried a crystal vase from the kitchen where she arrange […]

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Trapped in the automat

black and white of old cafe

Once upon a time A maiden longed for passion Pining for her prince Fishing in frog ponds Searching in fresh produce aisles Squeezing the melons Pursuing her dreams Sports bars and trivia nights Hoping for a match Meeting Mister Right Her one and only pursuit She’ll stop at nothing Subtle men attend Twice weekly worship meetings Have […]

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A quest for perfection

vintage permanent wave machine

A diet of lemon water and rice cakes holds the promise of svelte limbs and a flat stomach. Faux curls and a touch of rouge only add to the fleeting illusion of youth.

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On a bright spring morning, we stand on a hill holding hands, and watch the sunrise. you put your arm around my shoulder, adding your warmth to mine. It’s summer and we sleep under a full moon, counting blinking fireflies. We tell each other fairytales and make wishes on falling stars. In the autumn we […]

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Uncultivated simplicity

Rosemary lived alone in a crude shack at the end of a neighborless dirt road, on a tiny scrub acre of rocky soil. Each spring, she worked her meager garden, breaking up dry earth with her broken-handled hoe, leaving meandering furrows in uneven rows. Her apron pockets filled with dried seeds and kernels from last […]

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