Breaking the rules

“So which one did you decide on?” “The redhead.” “Why that one? It’s hideous.” “I liked it, I think it made the boldest statement.” “I still don’t understand why someone your age needs a skateboard.” “It’s not merely a skateboard, it’s part of my New Year’s resolution.” “What’s that? To break every bone in your [...]

An encounter in frozen foods

Over the weekend my son had what can only be described as one hellacious skateboarding crash. Not a little veered-off-the-road, or a jumped-the-curb sort of accident... more like a Tosh.O-video-highlights or Johnny Knoxville kinda crash. All road rash, torn flesh, head wound, blackish purplish bruises, bloody bandages kinda crash. He is head-to-toe sore, but was [...]