Dark and dreary


Dark thunderclouds closed around me, the rain coming down in tsunami waves. I had to fight the wheel of my car to keep on the road, the wind threatening to push me over the bridge railing.

No matter how fast I set the wipers, it couldn’t keep the windshield clear, forcing me to drive precariously slow. The car behind me was following so close, I couldn’t even see its headlights.

Stress bunched the muscles in my shoulders and neck, giving me a hellacious headache and making it hard to concentrate.

I was headed home, if I still had a home.

From Lance, this week’s prompt inspired by Hey Rosetta’s “Carry Me Home”

This week’s Studio30 Plus theme is “stomping glory,” and/or “headache”

Submitted to Skywatch Friday, Season 6: Episode 24

  1. wonderful moody photo and story line.



  2. Excellent capture. The blur caused by the rain of the windshield really adds to the mood. Very nicely done. Happy skywatching and Merry Christmas.



  3. Loved that last line!



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