The RNC is in Florida, and this is a political rant

Okay, I don’t typically get all political, but here’s my say… not all Republicans are pot-belly, misogynistic, religiously intolerant, homophobic, baby-killing, gun-toting, racist, old white guys.

Some of us are working SAHMs who believe in marriage equality, that all woman have the right to be autonomous in their reproductive health, are socially liberal, and fiscally conservative.

I’m all for good, affordable health care for everyone, but under the new insurance mandates, it is no longer affordable, nor better for my family.

I voted in my first presidential election in 1980. Since that time, every other ballot I’ve cast, I was required to show a photo ID. It wasn’t an effort to weed out minorities or undocumented aliens, it was to prove I was who I claimed I was. Period.

I believe in smaller federal government and stronger state’s rights.

I abhor the idea of abortion, especially late-term abortions, but still believe that it should remain a safe, legal, affordable option for any woman who chooses it. I’m ambivalent about whether procedures cost should be federally subsidized.

I believe that our constitution explicitly gives citizens the right to own guns. I also believe if current laws governing the purchase and ownership of those guns were consistently enforced, we wouldn’t need more restrictive laws.

I feel the same way about immigration laws. We have a process for establishing residency. Yes, the process needs to be updated. Yes, it needs to be streamlined, but there are still laws that need to be enforced. The battle between federal and state’s rights is hurting the very people who want to come to our country and become fully vested citizens.

I don’t agree with every plank in the Republican platform, but also don’t fall in line with every Democrat proposal either.

I am sick and tired of the vicious generalizations from BOTH parties. It’s a given – there are pricks and bitches on both sides of the aisle.

This is one country, one people. All of our legislators need to get their heads out of their asses and work for all the people, and not just for their next sound bite on the evening news.

*I initially posted a shorter version of this on Facebook, but I wanted to share my feelings here too.

10 thoughts on “The RNC is in Florida, and this is a political rant

  1. I share your views. It is sadly the same in my county, Malaysia. Now that I am married to a Republican American, I do strongly support general stand of the Republican Party but I strongly agree that ENFORCEMENT and very prudent steps should be taken to ensure that the nation does not suffer long term debts. It will be a great burden to the coming generations. I hope that America will do better so that people like my family can come back to USA when there is a good job for my hubby.

    Great rant, Tara!!!



  2. It’s nice to hear from a reasonable Republican. Too bad most of the politicians (on both sides) running for office feel like the only way they can win is by picking certain members of the society to trash. I think the conversation would be much more interesting if we talked about the size of government, the true consequences of health care reform, and what government could do to benefit citizens, and what citizens could do to benefit their country. Because I am too often targeted by Republican politicians as an enemy (being the non-Christian, divorced mother that I am), I will continue to vote for the politicians that treat me with more respect.


  3. I agree with much of what you state and think it is very dangerous for us to assume all Republicans or all Democrats are the same. I HIGHLY recommend that you read this post by a blogger I follow: Sorry to post a link in your comments, but I really appreciated how well-written and informative her post is about the issue of voter ID. Sometimes it’s hard for us to understand how something that is not inconvenient for us would be extremely inconvenient for someone else and that there are a whole lot of those someone elses out there. I don’t think anyone is worried about keep undocumented aliens from voting (they’re not supposed to vote anyway), the worry has to do with the absolutely legal residents that can be kept from voting because of this. Some people don’t have picture IDs for very valid reasons (i.e. age or income). The cost of a passport or ID may not be prohibitive to you or me (actually the cost of a passport is prohibitive to me), but it is to those less fortunate. Please read the post, you don’t have to agree with it or me, but it is important to have a dialogue. Also, the HBO show Newsroom just did a really great episode about it. You can prove who you are with a birth certificate and a mail with your address. Also, the instances of voter fraud have been so low that they would hardly sway an election, but the number of people that picture IDs affects is large enough to sway an election so you have to wonder what is the motivation behind the movement.


  4. I’m very liberal with the social issues – and for that reason only, will not vote for Romney. I just read the GOP approved banning abortion and gay marriage, stating they are “bringing back The American Dream”. My stomach turned. Thank you for posting this – I realize not all Right and Left are created equally – but lately, it’s hard to tell. Thanks for the reminder. xo


  5. This really was an excellent rant, and I should stop there. However, as I am sometimes an insufferable nit-picker (who works in health care), I have to point out that the new insurance mandates do not go into effect until 2014. All that has changed under ACA so far is a limitation on using “pre-existing conditions” to disqualify policy holders, and an extension of coverage for young adults under their parents’ policies.

    If your family’s insurance is no longer affordable now, it’s because of the system still in place, the one where the insurers get the final say both on premium rates, and whether tests and procedures wanted by you and your doctor will be authorized and paid for through coverage, or out of your pocket. These companies are squeezing us all for every cent they can BEFORE the law takes effect and they have to compete against the mandated insurance co-ops. I deal with these “people” every day on behalf of patients, so that’s my rant.


  6. That’s a good summary for how I am feeling these days. I would add that I am, quite frankly, sick to death of being compartmentalized and told HOW I should think merely because of my sex.


  7. This will be the first time since 1988 when I turned 18, that won’t be tied to either party. I wish more people who paid attention felt the way you do.


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