Week 30: camera dump

This was a lazy week, I even seriously considered just packing it in and giving up. It’s not difficult to take a photo every day, it’s just that I exhausted my imagination weeks ago. I try to take different photos each day, but day-um sometimes it’s easier to simply snap a shot of the pets or lunch.

When I go out on my weekend photo hikes, I have a specific purpose. With this 365 Project, it’s been more Hit and Miss. I’m not always good at spontaneous, and can’t always take the time to be deliberate in what I photos I take.

Blerg…. I’ll keep plugging along, but I think this experiment will be a One Time Only sort of thing.

4 thoughts on “Week 30: camera dump

  1. I haven’t had a chance to look at your weeklies for a while, but you are a guide on my own 365 Photo Journey. Concerned about where you are being about 18 week ahead of me. I have found that the midweek stuff is tough. Make you a deal, I won’t give up if you won’t.


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