Week 26: halfway point

Finishing Week 26 of my 365 Project… that’s halfway. It’s all downhill from here, and hopefully in a good way. That’s 189 photos, actually taken on 189 separate days and not just posted on different days. I feel like I’ve already accomplished a mighty feat. Now, if I can keep it up the second half of the year.

This week’s feature photo was taken through my son’s window, and is his cat, Scruffy’s, eye view of the world.

Two of these shots were used as illustrations on posts this week as well. “Target” was the image for “Fireworks,” another Pauley story, and “Closed doors” was published with “Outside looking in.”

2 thoughts on “Week 26: halfway point

  1. What kind of dog is Mr. Iamrelaxed? He looks like my old Fudge who just died (chocolate lab). Chewie is more of a mixed sort. Too bad that nummy frog wasn’t sitting on the tree when you took the cat’s eye photo. Still, something about the angle of that one made it easy to imagine Scruffy wanting to leap out and prowl the neighborhood.


    1. Hershey is a Chocolate Lab/Chow mix, and she’s about six years old. She sits like that all the time, it’s so weird. Scruffy was a rescue cat. My son found him when he was about six weeks old, abandoned in the woods. I do wonder sometimes if he is remembering his more feral days, but he’s never tried to escape.


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