My, my, my hikin’ shoes

Due to a catastrophic computer fail, and my increasing lack of effort and enthusiasm… I’ve abandoned the attempt to complete my first 365Project. I gave it the ol’ college try, but sadly, I just couldn’t sustain it. Now, that I’ve dispense with that bit of distasteful housekeeping, on to my weekly photo hike. I will never give these up, they keep me sane… Last time I tried to visit Saturday’s venue, I forgot my hiking shoes… I came better prepared this time, and even brought water and a change of clothes. As I hoped, the pitcher plants at Tarklin Bayou Preserve were in bloom. This state preserve is one of the only locations, in all my hikes, that I’ve seen them. The fields were full of the carnivorous beauties, and I hope they were overflowing with pesky mosquitoes. I also jogged (read: drove) down the road a short distance and stopped in at Big Lagoon State Park. Both parks are

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Panic mode

When I sat down last night to edit my photos for this week’s SiMC, I had a full-blown panic attack… I feared that the above photo was all I’d get to share. My 4+ year old laptop is in her final death throes. While this is a First World Problem, I’m more than a little twitchy about the fact that all my photos, raw and edited, are stored on my curmudgeonly aluminum Mac… all 16,000 of them. And yes, you read that right – SIXTEEN THOUSAND. The Mister set up my laptop to automatically back up to our external hard drive, but I’ve never tested it to make sure it was working right. Needless to say, I’m worried about saving my files. We have some work ahead of us today. As for my Sunday set, I thought I could point out that I featured several photos from the past week in other posts: Like Saturday’s recap of my 365Project shots, or

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Week 31: back on the road

I spent part of this week visiting with my College Kid, so in about half of my 365, the images are at least different from what I’ve been photographing. It tells me that I really need to get out of my house more often than just on weekends. There is a lot of cool stuff “Out There” just waiting to be captured on a digital media card… I was going to say film, but that would date me. How many of my fellow photographers have actually shot with black and white film? Can you even get 35mm Kodachrome anywhere?

Week 28: the skies have it

Living on the Gulf Coast means that with the exception of a few pesky hurricanes, the weather here is pretty spectacular year round. Winters are short and relatively mild, spring comes early, fall is lovely and really the best time to visit, and summer – well, summer can be fickle. The season, by far, is the longest and can include stifling heat and lung collapsing humidity. This year though, it’s been reasonable. I feel like I should apologize to my northern neighbors because they are getting much higher temps than we are. And… we are getting rain. Soaking, lawn loving, rain. Nothing apocalyptic, no hurricanes (yet, knock on wood), and no weeks on end of wet stuff. A few days here and there of afternoon and evening showers, some thunder and lightning, and very dramatic skies. I’m waiting for the proverbial shoes to drop. We still have four months left in the Hurricane Season, we could still get ours. For

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Week 27: mulligan

Confession time: when I took on this 365 Project, I fully intended to complete it ~ taking 365 photos, one a day for an entire year. Then I realized that what I actually did was commit to a 366 ~ that’s a six, not five ~ Project. This year, 2012, is a Leap Year – who knew? Still, I fully intended to make it happen. Then I reached the halfway mark, during a week when The Mister was out of town on business for eight days, the water department called to tell me a meter check indicated a possible leak, it rained (hard – thunder and lightning) nearly every day, and I couldn’t sleep for shit – I was exhausted. Sunday, the beginning of Week 27, I planted myself on the couch around 6:30p.m. to watch some TV, thinking I still had plenty of time to snap a photo. Next thing I knew, I was waking up at…. 12:30 a.m.

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Week 26: halfway point

Finishing Week 26 of my 365 Project… that’s halfway. It’s all downhill from here, and hopefully in a good way. That’s 189 photos, actually taken on 189 separate days and not just posted on different days. I feel like I’ve already accomplished a mighty feat. Now, if I can keep it up the second half of the year. This week’s feature photo was taken through my son’s window, and is his cat, Scruffy’s, eye view of the world. Two of these shots were used as illustrations on posts this week as well. “Target” was the image for “Fireworks,” another Pauley story, and “Closed doors” was published with “Outside looking in.”