Motivated seller

NEW, never worn, wedding gown – $900 OBO

Strapless, mermaid style with sweetheart neckline. Chapel train. Organza with tulle overlay, extensive beading and hand-embroidered lace.

One of a kind, custom-made… like I thought our love was. Double stitched throughout, while our relationship fell apart at the seams.

Heirloom veil is also available – sheer, antique tatted Irish lace. I should have seen what was coming, but my eyes were veiled from the truth.

A church is also booked, but couple would have to schedule own event around set date. It’s the old white one on Grey Street.

Motivated seller.

100 Word Song, a writing challenge from Lance based on a weekly music prompt. Give 100 words, not 99, not 101. This week’s challenge is inspired by Dave Matthews Band, “Grey Street.”

11 thoughts on “Motivated seller

  1. I love how you’ve done something completely different with the prompt. Mixing the analogy with the want ad, I can feel what the owners bitterness and regret.


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