Lost love

More from the Dinner Party… The morning started out cold. A thin sheen of sparkling rime coated the corners of the oriel window panes. The soft mauve sky was brightening to a clear azure. Frozen dew on the lawn, looking like a fine dusting of caster sugar, was already beginning to melt. Arcs of ice […]

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Dry and faded

dandelion fluff

The room was quiet save for the rhythmic ticking of a metronome. A tawny calico dozed across the closed fall board of the piano, its tail in a synchronized dance with the pendulum. Glimmering dust motes played in the sunlight streaming through the oriel windows. Cora carried a crystal vase from the kitchen where she arrange […]

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Trapped in the automat

black and white of old cafe

Once upon a time A maiden longed for passion Pining for her prince Fishing in frog ponds Searching in fresh produce aisles Squeezing the melons Pursuing her dreams Sports bars and trivia nights Hoping for a match Meeting Mister Right Her one and only pursuit She’ll stop at nothing Subtle men attend Twice weekly worship meetings Have […]

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Valentine’s Day

graffiti heart

I saw her standing in front of the greeting cards. She was far enough away that she couldn’t leaf through the selection of valentines, but close enough to read the sappy sentiments. With a melancholy look on her face, an occasional smile would threaten, only to be subdued by her sad eyes. She held her […]

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Light your own fire

He was the light of her life. When that flame burnt out, he abandoned her in her darkest hour, frightened and alone. At the end of the day, she found her light within.

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Fire fighter

Your constant barrage of hateful taunts turned my once loving heart to stone. My confusion and guilt be damned. If you were burning, I wouldn’t piss on you to put out the fire.

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