Week 14: 365 Project

I’m only two shy of posting 100 photos for my 365 Project, and am more than a quarter of the way done. Not too shabby… even if the photos are still not very exciting.

Our matron cat, Pollo del Fuego, is featured this week. Since the hell-child Scruffy has been in the spot light in recent weeks, she was feeling left out.

And, yes… your Spanish is correct. I have a cat named Chicken. Chicken of the Fire, to be more precise.

Week 14

1. beer30, 2. helping, 3. dropbucket, 4. sunroofviewMar, 5. rescued, 6. Popose

9 thoughts on “Week 14: 365 Project

  1. OK, I had changed it into Fire Chicken, but I still am totally amazed that you totally knew I was translating and questioning myself. I had just reached the point of “maybe I should check Google” when you told me I had it right.


    1. When we brought her home, as a rescue, my son was taking high school Spanish. He picked the name before we got the cat. Since she’s a calico manx, her coloring could be viewed as brown and black singe markings, sort of like a Phoenix. With her fiery personality, she has lived up to her name.


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