Gone fishing

Gone fishing

I have so much stuff to do.

I have closets and dressers that need thinning (stoopid jeans not fitting) carpets to clean (stoopid litter box shunning cat), a yard to clean (stoopid crapping dog), garden boxes to prep (stoopid weeds and mole cricket grubs), windows to wash (stoopid moss-generating weather), tons of just junk to put away (stoopid hoarding menfolk) and dusting to do (stoopid hairy pets).

If I was in any way Frankenstein-esque I could go all DNA science with the dog and cat hair my pets shed and create a monstrous pack of mutant fur babies. I have to change the lint bag in my vacuum every time I clean the floors, which typically is every other day.

My to-do list wouldn’t be so bad if I were a more efficient housekeeper and did a few chores each day. Not leaving all these onerous tasks undone, procrastinating until I flirt with a visit from the health department (that’s hyperbole people, it’s really not that bad).

Having a neat and tidy house is nice when I actually make the effort, but day-um if it’s not back to its normal clutter in a nanosecond. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

The weather is getting nicer, warmer, less rainy. That’s an added distraction.

It’s time to just dive in and get everything done.

Yeah, like that’s really gonna happen.

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I believe all good fiction includes an element of truth, and all good photography includes an element of fantasy. In this journal I hope to give voice to the stories swirling around in my head, and to capture the images I see through my camera’s lens.

12 thoughts on “Gone fishing

  1. I know exactly how you feel, and I do the same thing. I try to do it all at once and then don’t manage to keep up with it in between. And after all these years in the same place, the “appeal” of cleaning house just diminishes more and more.


  2. I have been really lax in my cleaning lately too. But it’s weird- now that the weather is nice, I want to throw open the windows, scrub the baseboards, and get my house into spring mode! I think I’ll do that this weekend 🙂 Love that photo, it’s gorgeous!


  3. I feel your pain. Acutely.

    But not to worry, the woman from the Health Dept. was really nice and she totally understood. (Um, also hyperbole…)


  4. Boy do I relate to this post Tara. It’s exactly how I feel about my housework. Things are just not getting done like they use to around here….and I’ve thought about posting a “Gone Fishing” post; but I just can’t seem to cast my line in those waters. I think it’s called the “blahs.” Good luck…. ~Joy


  5. Amen — Scott and I just folded an entire week’s laundry because somewhere last week it got forgotten entirely after being washed. We’ve been going in there fishing out underwear, but I guess we’ve just been wearing the same clothes all week or something, because I looked in the laundry room this morning and realized {*bing*} we needed to fold the clothes.


  6. Oh, wow, I just posted about the exact same thing LOL – I made mine into a MEME because I have a feeling every Monday is going to be like this for the rest of my life.

    We really do think very much alike! Today I am starting to make an effort to even try to put a ding in getting a clean, tidy house by Saturday. I have yet to drink my coffee though – which might just get me to the afternoon.


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