Week 4: 365 Project

This week was better for me getting more dedicated photos, but there were a couple of days where it got to be 7, 8 at night and I’m scrambling to find something to use to take a picture.

No theme this time, but I have been thinking about a few more weekly shots. I want to work on photographing food – not so much like for glossy ads, but macros and abstract shots. That was what I was trying for with the pineapple shot. My kitchen lighting sucks, so I had to rely more on my camera’s auto flash than I wanted. That would have been a good opportunity to use my tripod, but it was late and I just wanted something to post.

Photo fail….

A few of this week’s photos were more an exercise in editing than in actually taking a photo, so I wasn’t so concerned with the subject matter.

If my fruit shot and editing skills were less than stellar, this week did offer several opportunities to capture some stunning sunsets.

Bayou evening
Week 4 mosaic

1. lostmarblesWM, 2. abandoned, 3. blueskies, 4. pineapple, 5. leafshadows, 6. bkftchamps

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