Love letters

Love letters

Before Internet, before email, they wrote love letters to each other.

She tied them with a red ribbon, secreting them away in the rafters of the attic so they wouldn’t scandalize their children.

Rule of thirds

A little Trifecta lagniappe, or a Trifextra, for the weekend. A love story challenge, written in only 33 words.

Backstory: my husband and I have been together since 1983, well before cell phones, email, Skype, Facebook or Twitter. During the early part of our college courtship, the Mister co-oped, sending him away for three months at a time. We would write each other love letters. I kept all of his to me, and he kept mine. I bound them together, placed them in an empty popcorn tin, and stored them in our attic. They would truly traumatize our kids if they were ever found and read. It’s shocking enough that we hug and kiss in front of them.

20 thoughts on “Love letters

  1. Thanks for joining us on our first weekend challenge. I loved this response. It reminds me of the time I happened upon some pretty innocuous love letters exchanged between my parents. That glimpse into their lives made quite an impression. Please come back and join us for the weekday challenge.


  2. I really enjoy the thought of love letters. I have never gotten one. Dang growing up in the digital world 🙂 I imagine your children or their children will find them one day and cherish them. You know after they get over their idea that their parent’s affections are weird!


  3. This is perfect! I love it. My husband and I lived over 300km apart for the first 1 1/2 years but funnily enough we didn’t write a lot of letters. Perhaps because there were “better” ways of communicating (i.e. more interactive ways like the phone or chatting on ICQ). Sometimes I wish we had a collection of love letters like that. It’s all just chat logs that probably got erased. On the other hand…we won’t have to worry about our son reading them. 😀


  4. I remember those days. Funny, though. My husband and I spent an incredible amount of time apart but neither of us are letter writers. We have little but our memories of the phone calls. Fortunately our love continues to grow …

    This is very yummy and I truly hope that your children one day in the distant future find these letters and that it rocks them to their cores. In a truly great way.


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