Never does the human soul appear so strong as when it foregoes revenge and dares to forgive an injury

~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin

I forgave someone this past weekend for something that happened a very long time ago. All these years I thought I had made it clear that I longer harbored bad feelings, but this time I actually said the words.

I won’t go into detail what the specific incident was, that’s not the issue. I have gotten past the hurt and have rebuilt a loving relationship with the other person involved.

Because of something else I’m dealing with right now, this matter came up again. And in an almost off-hand way I said that I had forgiven that past transgression many years since.

The response that caused was not something I could have ever imagined. It was immediate and heartbreaking. The other person was so grateful for hearing me say those three simple words ~ I forgive you ~ that I felt guilty for withholding them, no matter how unintentionally.

I don’t think I have ever witnessed such an overwhelmingly, emotional reaction. It was clear to me how truly remorseful and truly tormented this person was because of what happened. It was cathartic for me to learn that this person felt real regret and shame.

If you don’t think giving forgiveness where it’s possible is important… believe me, it can make a startling difference in not just your own life, but also to the person who you feel wronged you.

Submitted as part of Shell’s “Pour Your Heart Out” writing prompt at Things I Can’t Say. Please stop by to read the other posts, and give a little comment love.

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20 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. I so agree! Forgivness is powerful! I have watched God move through it–in me and the other person. There is something about offering and receiving Grace. Grace is NOT deserved or earned. I guess that is what makes forgiveness so sweet!


  2. Feels good doesn’t it? That person doesn’t have power over you anymore because of your anger, resentment and memory?

    excellent post


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