Top ten perks and financial benefits of being unemployed

Recently a friend made an off-hand remark that I was lucky that I wasn't still working because I didn't have to put up with co-workers coming into the office sick, and spreading their contagion around to everyone. Lucky... that's it. The medical savings on cold remedies alone have made being out of a job worth [...]

Man-child cold

When my children were younger and succumbed to winter colds and flu, it would break my heart to hear them with their croupy coughs and tired, ear-infection cries. I would bundle them in warm blankets, buffering them with fluffy pillows and their favorite comfort toys. Cartoons would run on a continuous loop while they were [...]

Ranty McRant

I finally broke down and found a camera shop that could clean my Nikon without having to give her up for a week. The withdrawal would have been too severe. (I also discovered that I should NEVER try to clean it myself ~ bad juju can ensue.) That meant while I waited, I spent half a [...]

My hands are my work

My hands are my work. I like to think of myself as a writer and photographer of some worth (I’m not fishing for compliments, I’m realistic about my level of talent). Without functional use of my hands, those two tasks become immeasurable difficult. A week before Christmas I started having ‘issues’ with my right hand. [...]