Proceed with caution

It requires as much caution to tell the truth as to conceal it.

~ Baltasar Gracian

I need to write a letter. A letter to someone whom I dearly love. A letter which will undoubtedly cause her pain and sorrow, but it is one I must write. There must be tangible words that she can hold in her hand, even though she can’t hold them in her heart.

Talking has done nothing because she doesn’t want to hear my words. This letter will tell her things she knows to be true but can’t bear to accept. She wants the truth to be different, she wants to believe she can make it so… but she can’t and I have to make her understand why.

5 thoughts on “Proceed with caution

  1. A cautionary tale, for sure. I’ve got someone in my life like this, too. She just won’t listen anymore. Of course, I’m a budinsky, and have enlisted many to help me fight this battle. My reasoning? She can’t turn against all of us at once, can she? Safety in numbers. Good luck in your communication quest!


  2. I think you said it all with your title. Writing this letter may seem like the right thing to do, but you run a terrible risk. If the recipient is unable to hear your message without giving something up that’s important to her (like her belief that her view is the true one), she may turn on the message bearer.

    Good luck, and proceed with caution.


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