Cats live here

We are a family with cats. There is the alpha female Po and the demon male Scruffy.

(It’s important to point out that Po’s full name is Pollo del Fuego – roughly translated as ‘Chicken of the Fire.’ She is a calico Manx. Scruffy is black and fluffy, and we’re not sure what he is.)

Po was rescued from the local Humane Society with threats of dire consequences should we fail to be good cat parents. We went though an onerous adoption process overseen by a militant German woman who made us sign a contract promising to NEVER allow her to roam outdoors. She was to be a strictly inside cat.

For months our son worried that woman would suddenly appear at our front door to confiscate Po, even though we had followed the dictates of Frau Feline.

A few years later, while out with friends, our son found Scruffy abandoned in the woods. A mere handful of black fur, once we brought him into our home, he found his way into our hearts. He too became a pampered inside cat.

There are days when I can only imagine that Scruffy is flashing back to his early feral days, and will free-run throughout the house. Literally bouncing off the furniture and walls. Po is more laid back and spends the majority of her day sleeping.

Sharing our home with our cats is Hershey, a middle-aged Chocolate Lab. Being a dog, and not capable of unsheathing razor-sharp talons to climb trees or wooden fences to escape our enclosed backyard, she is allowed outside. I’m curious if there isn’t a small level of envy for her freedom. That both cats are perhaps longing to take that perilous step outdoors, heeding the call to return to the wild.

Yet, even when the door to freedom is left ajar, when mere seconds is all it would take to break the bonds of house confinement, they won’t even test a paw over that threshold.

So, there they sit. Noses pressed to the window, watching as the world goes on without them. I’m left wondering if the Mean Girl squirrels and bully lizards see them looking out and make fun of them for their soft beds, silver water bowls and crunchy pre-fab kibble. Do they get taunted for their cushy housecat ways? The wild things feeling superior for their wild ways, knowing the glass is always cleaner on the other side.

My challenge went to femme faux pas at rettorically speaking: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana

Major Bedhead challenged me with: “The glass is always cleaner.”

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14 thoughts on “Cats live here

  1. Wonderful story, and a great angle on the prompt!

    Our two cats (named Itchy and Scratchy) are brothers from the same litter, and were born in our backyard a few days before we moved into our house. We didn’t have the heart to make them indoor cats, and we have a very low traffic neighborhood, so they are indoor/outdoor cats who never travel outside a radius of a four-house radius…or at least that’s what I like to tell myself. The only problem of having indoor/outdoor cats is that they can’t open and close the door themselves, so I’m often left waiting for one or the other or both to make up his mind as to whether he wants to be inside or outside. When I get impatient, Scratchy just looks up at me as if to say, “Well, it’s not like you have anything better to do.”


  2. Awwww, I love cats. Your cats are so sweet and those are great pictures! I got my cat from the animal shelter. He’s a chocolate Siamese cat, very friendly and very talkative 🙂


  3. This was really lovely. I imagine that the dog’s freedom is the only thing he can lord over the cats, they both being of the mind that they can collectively beat him up and take his lunch money whenever they please.


  4. I remember when Scruffy joined your home. Which reminds me of how long you and I have been friends, and how I really need to go visit my brother & meet you as well.
    Anyway! I have one inside cat who has no interest in going out, two outside cats who have no interest in coming in, and one cat who goes wherever she pleases.
    I love their varied personalities!


  5. Several cats in this household, all rescue. The one who is a blonde, haughty, and alpha came to us as a kitten from the wild.

    After a couple of years she began having mental problems. Blood curdling screams and yowls as she shot through the house, under couches and over beds, jumping from chair to windowsill, running from something and screaming as though the devil were after her.

    It was the tail’s fault. Her own tail attacks her and she can’t get away from it!


  6. I’ve never had a alpha cat that didn’t wind up ruling my whole world.
    I’m fine with that, though I’d never let a human do it.


  7. we are laughing and relating to your two cat situation, as we now have two kittens. The things they do are their own blog worthty.

    very funny


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