Slow down, dammit!

How fortunate that someone marked where I turn around on my 3-mile walks.

I’m  a yeller.

When my kids were young and we were out in the front yard, I would yell at passing cars if I thought they were going too fast. I live on a Circle (the street is actually shaped more like a “U”) and the posted speed limit is only 15mph. There was no reason anyone should drive 30mph down this road and I’d voice my displeasure, loudly… much to the chagrin of my children.

That stopped, for the most part, when my children were finally too old to play in the front yard with their mom. Occasionally, when I’m out by myself, and a particularly flagrant offender speeds by, I still holler at them.

Flash forward a few years to when I went back to work after being a SAHM for so long. Driving to my office in traffic for 20 miles, both ways, did nothing to calm my demeanor. If anything, it brought out the pirate in me… my sailor dad would have blushed had he heard a few of my diatribes.

There were days when I would not have been surprise to see blue smoke wafting from my car windows.

Now, having been on the government dole for more than a year, I don’t drive in town as much. My verbiage has calmed down considerable and inexplicably I don’t seem as angry all the time as I once was.

That is until I started walking through my neighborhood these last few weeks. Fortunately, where I walk is plentiful with sidewalks and wide paved shoulders. The posted speed limit through much of the area I walk is 25mph. The road is not narrow, but it’s a little disconcerting when the draft from passing cars is enough to move you off the sidewalk.

I probably shouldn’t have my music turned up so loud that I can’t hear cars approaching from behind, but if it were softer, then I would be able to tell how loudly I yell at passing speeders to ‘Slow the hell down, dammit!’

10 thoughts on “Slow down, dammit!

  1. HUGE pet peeve of mine when people speed in residential areas. Boo Boo Boo! A bad offender neighbor of mine (2 doors north) actually hit a motorcyclist (apparently WAS another bad offender) in from of my house a few months before we moved in. *sigh*

    That said, I will put on my mom hat and say that you’re walking the OPPOSITE direction as traffic when not on the sidewalk, yes?


  2. I know that draft you’re talking about here from when I go take pictures in the city. I like that living on the edge kinda feeling for myself sometimes.

    But when the girls are involved forget it. On their bikes or walking (or even in the car with them for that matter) … the rage I have towards speeders. Writing about it gets me fired up 🙂


  3. This is one of the things that really bothers me too Tara. When I was younger and there were a lot of kids in the neighborhood while mine were growing up, I yelled out a few times at thoughtless speeders. Since that time they have even put another stop sign up at our corner; but of course there’s always those idiots who just don’t seem to have the time to stop at them. Some people should be banned from driving….


  4. Mr.4444 freaked OUT once about a car flying past our house. It was a neighbor, and Mr.4444 jumped into his truck to go to their house. I talked him into walking. Thankfully, he was only pissed (no longer enraged) by the time he got there. It might be best that you don’t have a steering wheel in your hands when you get that ticked!haha


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