Can you hear yourself scream

I woke up this morning screaming. More accurately, I was woken from a dream in which I was screaming by my husband’s gentle voice telling me, “it’s okay, you’re okay.” (He told me later that I sounded really afraid.) Hours later, I still remember the dream, something that usually doesn’t last. I won’t call it […]

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Memorial Day Weekend

I was up bright and early Saturday morning. Well, early… not so bright. I was awake before sunrise. I had a date with 2,000 other early birds for the 30th Annual Eglin Air Force Base Gate-to-Gate Run/Walk/Ruck. I’ve been there, done that before, and was excited to join in again. The event, held Memorial Day […]

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In like a lion…

yellow allamanda

About ten minutes into my morning walk, I wished that I had worn short sleeves. At the half-way point, I began to wonder where I packed my shorts. All along the way, I noticed hints of a spring that was just around the corner. I am ready for warm weather to stay around for a while.

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Within walking distance

Last year about this time I went in for my annual physical. When the nurse took my ‘particulars,’ my weight came in at just this < side of 200 pounds. I rationalized that as long as that first number was still 100, I was good. A few months later I went in for my yearly […]

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Six uses for water bottles during outdoor exercise

blue and green asics walking shoes

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a walking program lately – counting up towards 14,000 daily steps and that ever elusive 6-mile mark. Besides sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes, a hat and sunglasses, (maybe sunscreen and mosquito repellent), about the only other thing I need for walking is a ready water supply. Dehydration in […]

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Nothing’s gonna break my stride

sidewalk smiley face

Lying next to her, he traced the curve of her back as she sat on the edge of their bed tying her Mizunos. Encircling her waist with his arm, he rolled her on top of him, giving her an affectionate smack on the ass. “They say, making love burns more calories than walking.” “Yeah? I […]

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