Sound rises

ginko leaf on a sewer grate

“Do you hear that?” She tilted her head, trying to make out the sound. “Hear what?” He blew over the top of his coffee cup, trying to cool the scalding liquid. “It sounds like singing.” She swiveled in her chair, seeking out where the music was emanating. Annie and Pete sat outside their usual kaffeeklatsch sipping […]

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Beyond riches

macro orange striped seashell

“It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson I’m not a rich woman. I may never be in a position where I don’t have to worry about finances. What I do have, is an appreciation for the priceless treasures […]

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Almost sunrise

I kept to deserted back roads, away from streetlights and towns. It wasn’t as if you could see me coming or feel a change in the air when I got nearer to you, but the secrecy of it made me feel like a ninja. Hiding in the shadows, I turned off my headlights on the […]

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Musical Echoes

This weekend I attended a Native American music festival, taking in the beauty and majesty of the culture…. as well as enjoying great food. Throughout the day exceptionally talented flutists performed, some bringing a dozen or more different instruments on stage during their session. The songs were moving and achingly beautiful. Each performer would also […]

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Distant drums

A low rumble spreads across the field, Rising up, lifting up, empowering Waves of sound roiling, a crescendo of spirit Soft leather shod feet tapping, stamping, dancing To the heartbeat of distant drums Keeping time with their life rhythm *Photo venue: Taken during Musical Echoes, a Native American music and cultural festival held each spring […]

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Bluegrass jam

Soup spoons and washtubs Make music where you find it Share it with your friends Flew into Asheville, NC, yesterday to meet up with my daughter before driving into Knoxville, TN. While in Asheville, we went downtown for dinner at the Tupelo Honey Cafe. On the corner, this bluegrass band set up. They were incredible. […]

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