Distant drums

jingle dress dance

A low rumble spreads across the field,
Rising up, lifting up, empowering
Waves of sound roiling, a crescendo of spirit
Soft leather shod feet tapping, stamping, dancing
To the heartbeat of distant drums
Keeping time with their life rhythm

This week’s Studio30 Plus theme is “distant drums,” and/or “crafty.”

*Photo venue: Taken during Musical Echoes, a Native American music and cultural festival held each spring at The Landing, Fort Walton Beach, FL.

14 thoughts on “Distant drums

  1. I love you Tara…

    When I posted this prompt the idea came from a very specific experience I had years ago in East Coast Canada. I need to write my story. I so loved how this piece paced the rhythm perfectly to the one I had in my memory!


  2. As I am a Jingle (Prayer) Dancer, I can say that you captured this well. That said, did you ask permission to photog first, because it really isn’t respectful to photog a dancer without permission, especially a jingle dancer who is praying with her feet in motion.


        1. I hope that I haven’t offended you by posting this photo. The Dancer knew I was taking her picture and would be posting it online. She was dancing alone.


        1. We usually are. Our dance is a ministry, not just to natives, but to any and all in need of prayer for healing of the spirit and body. I’ve jingled prayers for close to 30 yrs. Last year forced me to retire for health reasons, but the prayers remain.


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