100 Word Challenge: Music

Tomorrow night, I’m getting dressed up, and a friend and I are going on a Girls’ Night Out. We're attending a concert at the local community college. The last concert I attended was in 2014 when this same friend got me tickets to see Lady Smith Black Mambazo as a Christmas present. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=413645775438150&set=a.139983796137684.27269.100003781930855&type=3&theater Before that, … Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Music

Dead wood

sap oozing from cut tree limb

It wasn’t just mastering the steps - heel, toe, shuffle, kick, pirouette. It was the flourish of his hands, the posture of his arms. A turn of his head, a look he gave his partner, each gesture was a word in an erotic story. He was graceful, sinuous and cat-like. His every movement a caress … Continue reading Dead wood