There will be a test

Later this week, I’m scheduled to have a minor, outpatient procedure. The medical center where I’m having the procedure, as part of the pre-op prep, requires a COVID-19 test. I had that test today.

Don’t let anyone fool you. It’s not merely a nose swab, it’s more like a brain swab.

I swear the nurse was in my nose with that swab up to her elbow.

“Breathe normally” she said. 

“Don’t squinch your nose,” she said.


I can’t say it hurt, but it was extremely uncomfortable. The sensation did stop as soon as the nurse began removing the swab.

She gave the best analogy.

If you’re swimming in a chlorinated pool and inhale water through your nose, that burning feeling you get… that’s it, times ten. (The “times ten” was my own addition.)

Gratefully it took less than 30 seconds. 

The hospital will only contact me if there’s a positive result.

I’ve not felt ill – no fever, no cough, no difficulty breathing, no body aches, no nausea. I even bought an infrared forehead thermometer and have consistently registered a normal temp. 

I’ve sheltered in place except for grocery runs and other essential trips. When I do go out, I wear a mask and social distance myself. 

Still, not gonna lie, the next 48 hours are going to be nerve-racking hoping to NOT get that phone call.

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